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Having studied at the Academia Italiana Fine Art School in Florence and completed a bachelor and master's degree in Fine Arts in Istanbul, Emre Yusufi, also known as YUSUFY was inspired by the mythical and venerable hero - Hercules. This led the Turkish artist, graphic designer, and art director to create sculptures and images that play on the traditional Greek Gods. Working with a combination of photography and 3D modeling, he brings a modern day Hercules to life in a range of unique forms, whether on motorcycles, wearing Converse, or playing water polo. 


Taking inspiration from the famous Turkish quote “A nation devoid to art and artist cannot have a full experience” Emre’s creativity and imagination is intertwined in every component of his work. 


Universally acclaimed and exhibited in international and personal art fairs, Yusufi’s art is widely collected and remains part of important art collections in Istanbul, London, Paris, Courchevel, Cannes, Luxembourg, New York, Miami, Rome, Bologna, Honfleur, St. Paul de Vance, Monaco, Spa.

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